Because every object deserves its own design, we offer quality customization services, affordable and adapted to all types of orthopedic devices.
From the design to the printing, our team does everything possible to provide an optimal rendering to its users, while working directly with the orthopedic surgeon.
It has never been so simple and fast to customize!

That's why we offer 4 levels of accessible customization.

Ready to use


Inspired by trends, fashion, design, music, all the current worlds that accompany you in your lives, our designs are created with taste, boldness, and a touch of timelessness.

Just select the category, style, theme or colour you want, and in 2 clicks you will find your happiness among our 300 designs. 

And don't forget to check out our new products, so you'll always be on the cutting edge of fashion!

Discover our designs
Collection of trendy and fashionable designs for stylish dressing of prostheses and orthoses
Create your prosthesis or orthosis with your own drawing or photo to express your personality, and have a unique orthopaedic device

Your own creation


This service is specially designed for your artistic talents!

Who hasn't dreamed of seeing their own work, their child's drawing, or a photo that is dear to them, perfectly adapted to their equipment?

With the U-adapt, your most personal wishes can finally come true, you just have to let your artistic soul speak!

NB: Please note that this service only works with works and photos that you have created yourself or for which you have the official right of use. The creation must be of very good quality to be processed. Any image coming from brands, or from Pinterest or Google are strictly forbidden.

Made to measure


Because for us the only limit is your imagination, this service is there to answer all your wildest dreams.

We design, create, elaborate for you, your desires and your ideas by sublimating them!

A truly tailor-made service, because you are unique and so is your equipment.

From graphic design, photography, jewelry ... it's up to you to play your difference, by achieving together the equipment of your dreams!

This service is a premium service, made on estimate.

Customized service of artistic creation to customize a prosthesis or orthosis
Create a collection of designs for orthopaedic professionals and orthopaedists: logos, illustrations, photos, drawings...

For professionals


It is finally the opportunity to realize for you, the professionals, designs, a collection that corresponds entirely to your image, values and DNA.

To sign, to differentiate yourself from your colleagues, why not take the plunge and finally offer your patients your own unique logoed motifs or canvases to enhance your know-how and your equipment?

This service is reserved for professionals only.

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